Fodder yeast
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Fodder yeast

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Семенова Екатерина
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We are producer of fodder yeast.
Qualitative characteristics of fodder yeast :
Appearance - milled powder
Mass fraction of crude protein , %, not less - 46%
Moisture content, % not more than - 12%
Toxicity - Not admitted.
Indications for use of fodder yeast
Fodder yeast is recommended for all types of feeding livestock and poultry feed as a protein supplement that contains biologically active substances of microbiological and plant origin protein , all essential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes , promote digestion and feed conversion , as well as micro-and macronutrients
Optimal application rates of feeding yeast in feeds (by weight of feed )
- Chickens - from 2 to 3%
- Pigs - 3 to 5%
- Cattle - up to 10 %.
Packaging - polypropylene bags of 25-30 kg, 500-1000 kg
Different types of packing. Individual approach to each client, provide you with any information you need, and product samples.

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,  Чернигов, UA
на Флагма с 6 ноября 2018

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