Meal fish
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Meal fish

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Libert Vladimir
IVI Group, OÜ,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 27 мая 2019


Fish meal, protein content 72%, 68-65%, 62-60%, 55%, component in the production of animal feed.

Fish oil is an essential element in energy-rich feeds.

Special products.
We develop and produce special animal feed that meets individual needs,
In an advanced laboratory and production facilities, we can optimize all the details of all product parameters so that the current specialized product precisely achieves the desired qualities. An effective control system ensures that all products, including specialized products, are 100% compliant with agreed specifications. As an additional security, we take sealed samples of all materials for possible subsequent analysis and documentation in an accredited laboratory of the client’s choice.

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IVI Group, OÜ,  Таллинн, EE
на Флагма с 27 мая 2019

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